A Gorgeous DIY Vase and Frame

The perfect finishing touches for your home may be hard to find, especially if you have something specific in mind. Luckily this step-by-step DIY project can be customized for all tastes.

Read on to learn how you can create this easy DIY marble vase and matching photo frame in very little time.

Gather Your Supplies

Even though this is a 2-part DIY with a lot of steps, don’t worry. The process itself is pretty simple and straight forward. Below is a list of all of the items that you’ll need for this project:

  • Glass vase
  • Marble contact paper
  • Picture frame
  • Scissors
  • X-Acto

Cut Contact Paper For The Vase

Begin by cutting out a length of contact paper to cover the surface of your vase. You should be able to wrap the entire piece of paper around the circumference of the vase with enough to overlap the bottom of the vase as well.

Adhere Contact Paper To The Vase

Peel off the backing from the contact paper and line up the edge of your vase to the edges of the sticky part of the paper. If needed, allow a tiny overhang of paper at the top of the vase. This can be trimmed after the vase is fully wrapped.

After covering the first side surface of the vase, hold the paper firmly and turn the vase to cover the second side. Keep the paper taut and smooth any air bubbles out as you go along.

Adhere Contact Paper To The Vase – Cont’d

Repeat Step 5 for the remaining sides of the vase. If you find a few difficult to smooth air bubbles, don’t fret. A tiny prick with a pin/needle in the paper won’t be visible and will allow you to push the air out.

Secure Contact Paper To The Bottom Of The Vase

Once you’ve wrapped the entire vase, it’s time to cover the bottom of the vase. Cut slits at the four corners of the paper to form flaps as pictured. Wrap the flaps as you would when wrapping a present ensuring each piece sticks and overlaps smoothly.

Trim The Excess Paper From The Vase

To finish up the vase, trim any excess paper from the top opening of the vase. Now that you’re done with the vase, it’s time to move on to the next phase of our project

Time To Prep The Frame

First things first. Disassemble your frame. Be careful when removing the glass and be sure to place all pieces off to the side. We’re only wrapping the wooden part of the frame.

Cut Contact Paper For The Frame

Place your frame on the contact paper with about  2- 3 inches of extra paper on all sides. This will wrap around the back of the frame when we adhere the paper.

X Marks The Spot

Mark an X in the middle of the frame opening to serve as a guide for cutting.

Adhere The Contact Paper To The Frame

Once you’ve cut your X, peel away the backing on the contact paper and carefully position frame, face down onto paper.

Flip The Frame And Smooth The Contact Paper

Flip your frame and smooth out any air bubbles that may occur.

Cut The Edges And Wrap The Back Of The Frame

Once all air bubbles are smoothed out, cut your paper near the four corners at angles and wrap the pieces over to the backside of the frame. You may have to do additional trimming on these corners, so play it by ear and wrap/trim accordingly.

Cut Open The X And Secure The Contact Paper

Using your scissors, open the X all the way by cutting towards the inner corners of the frame.

Wrap The Inner Edges And Secure The Contact Paper

Once you’ve opened the X all the way, wrap your contact paper to the inside of the frame and trim any excess with your scissors. An easy way to trim the excess is to run the edge of your scissors or x-acto along the crease as pictured.

Trim The Vase With Washi Tape For A Pop Of Color

After completing the vase, I decided to add a little more detail to the design. My mom loves gold, so I covered  the edge of the vase by wrapping a piece of gold washi tape around the top. This step is purely optional, so feel free to add this step in or leave it out.

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