The Best-Ever Step-by-Step Kid’s First Gardening

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Fantastic Gardening Ideas For 5 To 12 Year-Old, From Growing Fruit And Vegetables And Fun With Flowers To Wildlife Gardening And Outdoor Crafts



Getting your hands dirty and growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers in the garden is great fun. From flowering wellies, grotesque gourds and bird baths to wind chimes, butterfly borders and potato hedgehogs, there is a huge range of exciting projects that you can do in and out of the garden, whatever the weather.
This exciting new book contains 120 easy-to-follow step-by-step projects suitable for every child from 5 to 12. An informative introduction covers all the basics, from safety, equipment and commonly used terms to how plants grow, general care and sustainable gardening. Eight fantastic hands-on project chapters then follow, covering everyday techniques, edible treats, flower power, craft projects, wildlife gardening and indoor gardening.
Clear instructions and more than 1100 stunning colour photographs make following the projects easy, while expert tips and growing ideas provide inspiration and encourage experimentation. Invaluable ‘you will need’ lists, growing times and a star rating guide provide at-a-glance information to help you choose a suitable project, whether you want a small-scale indoor project for a rainy day or to get stuck in and grow your own flower rainbow, mini wildlife pond or a living wigloo.
Beautifully illustrated and bursting with expert advice, clear instructions and loads of fabulous fun ideas, this book is an ideal guide for all children, from budding beginners to green-fingered growers.
Winner of the 2010 Garden Media Guild Award for Practical Book of the Year
“Simply wonderful! Well conceived, pitched in a way that will engage both parents and children; laid out in a fun and eye-catching way, but also packed with facts. A logically ordered start provides a good lead into the following sections, that consists of a range of projects, ranked in order of their difficulty, when to do them as well as the time needed; helping the reader plan ahead. This is a book that clearly relates how to have fun while achieving simple projects within the garden.” The Garden Media Guild 2010 Award Judges
Everything you need to know to garden your way to green-fingered glory, from growing flowering wellies and crazy gourds to butterfly borders and potato hedgehogs
Includes more than 120 fabulous projects, from edible treats and flower power to craft projects, wildlife gardening and indoor gardening, as well as a directory of popular plants
Make a wormery, grow square veg!, make a monster pumpkin pet, grow a flower rainbow and dogwood stars, go bananas and grow a grasshead man
Includes an informative introduction covering all the basics, from safety, equipment, essential techniques and a guide to commonly used gardening terms to learning all about how plants grow
Every project features an at-a-glance ‘you will need’ list, growing times and a star rating guide to show you how easy or hard it is
Each idea is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and there are over 1100 fantastic colour photographs showing you what to do